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Learning Games for 5th Graders

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4,000+ games & activities to master academic skills

Multiplication and Division

Learn to multiply and divide multi-digit whole numbers.


Learn multiplication and division with fractions. Add and subtract unlike fractions.


Learn to read and write decimals. Compare, order, and round decimals.

Measurement & Data

Learn to convert quantities in one metric or customary unit to another unit with real-world problems.


Learn to write and interpret numerical and algebraic expressions and analyze patterns & relationships.


Learn to classify 2D shapes, measuring the volume of solids. Understand the concept of volume and coordinate planes.

Decimal Arithmetic

Learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals.


Decode multisyllabic words, and words with common prefixes and suffixes. Learn compound words, homophones, near homophones, anagrams, and high-frequency words.

Reading Comprehension

Learn inference and prediction, cause and effect, sequencing, and main idea and key details. Practice reading with grade-appropriate books and passages.

Encourage your child to learn from a variety of fun exercises.

Everything you need to engage, enrich and educate your fifth grader

Learning Games for 5th Graders
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4,000+ games & activities to master academic skills

Learning Games for 5th Graders

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Helps excel at math

Since my son has started using this App, he's been having so much fun and excelling at his math tests at school. This App is easy and fun. I highly recommend it!

Nico Robert

Parent of 2nd Grader

All my kids love it!

It’s such a fun way to get kids excited about learning. The cool thing is that you can add multiple kids and keep a track of their progress through the parent app.

April Bayot

Parent of 1st, 3rd and 4th Grader

Guided lessons are great

My son has struggled with math but didn’t want to practice. Both of us love SplashLearn because it has guided lessons and tons of fun games. It tricks him into practicing his math facts, which led to him liking math from higher grades!

Amy Jay

Parent of 4th Grader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program that uses games and activities to engage kids in grades PreK- 5.

Why should I choose SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides the perfect balance of fun and learning that builds math and reading skills in children. Over 40 million kids globally love SplashLearn.

What grades are covered by SplashLearn?

SplashLearn offers a curriculum-aligned and personalized learning experience for kids in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Which Subjects do SplashLearn cover?

SplashLearn covers PreK to Grade 5 Math and Reading with 4,000+ learning games and educational activities.

What devices are compatible with SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is compatible with desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

What skills will my child learn from SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides an out-of-the-box learning experience that builds math and reading skills and boosts confidence in children—making them independent learners.

Which curriculum does SplashLearn follow?

SplashLearn follows the Common Core curriculum for all of its learning content.

Is SplashLearn safe for my child?

We give utmost importance to your child's safety and privacy. We do not collect personal information and ensure a child-friendly and ad-free learning experience.

How to get started with SplashLearn?

If you are a parent, you can get started by clicking on the Signup button. If you are a teacher and want to use SplashLearn for your classes, please click on the same Signup button to continue.

How are 5th grade games useful?

Students are always eager to learn new things, and online games are a great way to motivate them to do so. Games for 5th grade help break-down long and tedious math and english concepts for easy understanding and practice.

Do fun games for 5th graders help in developing math and ELA skills?

When it comes to learning, nothing beats the power of a good game. And games can be used in a number of different ways to teach math and ELA skills. Games like guessing the book title, determining the cause, identifying the main idea of a passage can really help build and improve linguistic skills. Math games on multi-digit multiplication, fraction operations, advance division techniques, etc. can inculcate an enriched understanding of mathematics.

Are games for 5th graders online easy to use and understand?

Online games for students in 5th grade are easy to understand. They make learning fun and interactive.

How can I make my 5th grade learning fun through games?

By using online games as part of your curriculum, you can improve student retention rates and make sure that each student has an opportunity to practice important skills outside of class time as well.

What are some tips to teach 5th graders through online games?

Some tips to use online games when teaching 5th graders are:
A. Ensure that the game you have chosen is age and grade appropriate. 
B. Play games that have already been taught to your 5th grader to reinforce concepts.
C. Use open-ended questions after the game to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

Fun Educational Games for 5th Graders

Online games are super beneficial because they allow the students to interact with the concept in a way that is not possible in a classroom setting. Students are able to learn more about math and ELA concepts as they provide more personalized learning and demand more interaction with the subject matter. This type of learning encourages active participation which helps increase students’ retention rates.

Math is a subject that many students dread, but learning through games makes math practice fun. Online or classroom games for 5th graders include multiplication games, number sense games, fractions games, division games, decimals games, geometry games, measurement games and algebra games. These games make complex topics such as volume, converting metric units, simplifying algebraic expressions, comparing decimals, determining the quotient and remainder, and adding and subtracting fractions quite easy to understand. They also cover a lot more subtopics and provide interesting and mentally stimulating challenges that increase a child’s conceptual and practical understanding.

ELA reading games that require children to pick out themes, decode images, order and sequence passages, etc. build and improve their language skills greatly. Such fun games for 5th graders are able to capture the subject matter’s essence while incorporating creativity and fun at the same time.

Benefits of Fun Learning Games for 5th Graders

  • Concept Reinforcement: After a child has learned a concept, playing games for 5th graders in the classroom or online can really help them retain the material. Children might connect a topic with their experience of playing a particular game. It becomes simpler for them to remember the concept.
  • Learning at your own pace: Fun educational games for 5th graders are beneficial because they allow children to learn at their own pace, which means that they can take time at their convenience to work through math and english problems.
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking: Online games can work wonders as they enhance a child’s critical thinking skills. Games often provide numerous opportunities to approach a certain topic, and as such children begin to think creatively and critically to find solutions to the questions on their own.

Features of Games for 5th Graders Online

  • Play on multiple devices: Students can play games on multiple devices.
  • Engaging and rewarding games: Children can get fun rewards through repeated practice.
  • Easy Connect for Parents: Parents can get notified about their child’s progress.


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