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Learning Games for Kindergarteners

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Counting & Comparison

Learn counting to tell and compare numbers. Understand and recognize patterns.

Addition & Subtraction

Understand addition and subtraction. Model and solve word problems. Compose and decompose numbers.

Place Value & Number Sense

Work with numbers 11-19 to build foundations of place value.

Measurement & Data

Compare length, height, weight, and capacities. Sort, count, and classify objects.


Identify two-dimensional shapes. Understand attributes of shapes. Create and compose shapes.

Letter Names & Sounds

Recognize letters and practice their sounds. Trace the letters to begin writing.


Practice short & long vowel sounds, consonant blends, digraphs, suffixes, and prefixes.

Sight Words

Practice, learn and revise common sight words to read faster.

Reading Words

Understand blending and segmenting sounds to begin reading words. Practice reading with leveled stories and decodable books.

Encourage your child to learn from a variety of fun exercises.

Everything you need to engage, enrich and educate your kindergartener

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Learning Games for Kindergarteners

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Makes screen time meaningful

As a parent and a former educator, I would say that it’s the perfect blend of making screen time useful and applying math skills from school. It’s fun and allows her to continue to grow at her own pace.

Candice Thomas

Parent of Kindergartener

Engaging bite-sized learning

It’s been really awesome to see how engaged my son has been in learning while also having healthy screentime. The learning games are bite-sized so it makes it easy to customize how much time he spends on SplashLearn.

Brandon Wong

Parent of Kindergartener

Progress reports keep me updated

Every day she picks what she wants to learn, and to her, it feels like playing games! The best part is that they email you progress reports to understand how they are doing and where they need help. I absolutely love this program!

Janessa Marcos

Parent of 1st Grader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program that uses games and activities to engage kids in grades PreK- 5.

Why should I choose SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides the perfect balance of fun and learning that builds math and reading skills in children. Over 40 million kids globally love SplashLearn.

What grades are covered by SplashLearn?

SplashLearn offers a curriculum-aligned and personalized learning experience for kids in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Which Subjects do SplashLearn cover?

SplashLearn covers PreK to Grade 5 Math and Reading with 4,000+ learning games and educational activities.

What devices are compatible with SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is compatible with desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

What skills will my child learn from SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides an out-of-the-box learning experience that builds math and reading skills and boosts confidence in children—making them independent learners.

Which curriculum does SplashLearn follow?

SplashLearn follows the Common Core curriculum for all of its learning content.

Is SplashLearn safe for my child?

We give utmost importance to your child's safety and privacy. We do not collect personal information and ensure a child-friendly and ad-free learning experience.

How to get started with SplashLearn?

If you are a parent, you can get started by clicking on the Signup button. If you are a teacher and want to use SplashLearn for your classes, please click on the same Signup button to continue.

Why are learning games for kindergarten useful?

Interactive games for kindergarten are an amazing way to introduce linguistic, numerical and geometrical concepts to kindergarteners. They build confidence and allow kids to interact with the subject matter at their own pace. This allows them to absorb information in a fun way.

Do educational games for kindergarten help in developing math and ELA skills?

Teaching math and ELA concepts through interactive games for kindergarten not only develops math and ELA skills but also enhances them. Playing games helps children with clarity and better understanding of number sense, shapes, measurements involving longer and shorter objects, and basic math operations including addition, subtraction and counting. Kids are able to solve math problems with ease. Games based on ELA like tracing letters, finding and matching letters, learning to write sight words, and identifying word families help children to improve their ELA skills and get acquainted with language from an early age.

Are games for kindergarten students easy to understand and play?

Yes! Games for kindergarteners are very easy to play. They promote hand-eye coordination and encourage creativity while making learning fun.

How can I make teaching kindergarteners fun?

Kindergarten online learning games and activities can be used to add fun and sparkle in your child’s learning routine. They allow children to have an immersive learning experience while increasing their memory capacity.

Encourage Independent Learning with Kindergarten Learning Games Online

Kindergarteners have a limited attention span, which can sometimes make learning difficult. As such, it is critical to capture their attention and create an engaging environment for effective learning.

With interactive learning games for kindergarten, you can elevate your child's academic journey. Online games for kindergarteners are a fantastic method to get your kids excited about numbers while being entertained at the same time. They aid children with counting the numbers, recognizing their sounds, and clearly understanding them as they progress through grades. Not only this, online games for math also cover a wide range of subtopics with games like number sense games, addition games, subtraction games, geometry games, word problems games and much more!

Make Learning Joyful with Fun Games for Kindergarten

Educational fun games for kindergarten also help in developing as well as enhancing ELA skills. Kindergarten classroom games can be played with young learners to teach them about uppercase and lowercase letters, tracing letters, sight words, rhyming words, middle sounds, matching letters, etc. Games like reading games, writing games, phonics games, letter tracing games, writing sight words games, etc. make ELA learning easy and exciting.

Benefits of Online Learning Games for Kindergarten

  • Learning Games for kindergarten students are wonderful to not only gain conceptual knowledge but also work on other skills such as fine motor skills, creative skills, critical thinking, and emotional skills.
  • Online games for kindergarten class also encourage decision making and a problem-solving attitude. Repeated practice helps to refine these abilities and also leads to increased speed and as well as better clarity. 
  • Kindergarten online learning games also encourage computer literacy and fluency from a young age. In the era where everything is digital, letting children interact with the digital sphere in a positive way through learning can be highly beneficial.

Features of Interruption Free Kindergarten Games

  • Play on multiple devices: You can play games with kindergarteners online on multiple devices.
  • Engaging and rewarding games: Children can purchase assets for their characters and more through the coins they win through practice.
  • Easy Connect for Parents: Parents can be instantly notified about their child’s progress.
  • Parental Connect: Parents can get instant notifications of their child’s progress and skill completion through app and website.

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