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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program that uses games and activities to engage kids in grades PreK- 5.

Why should I choose SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides the perfect balance of fun and learning that builds math and reading skills in children. Over 40 million kids globally love SplashLearn.

What grades are covered by SplashLearn?

SplashLearn offers a curriculum-aligned and personalized learning experience for kids in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Which Subjects do SplashLearn cover?

SplashLearn covers PreK to Grade 5 Math and Reading with 4,000+ learning games and educational activities.

What devices are compatible with SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is compatible with desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

What skills will my child learn from SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides an out-of-the-box learning experience that builds math and reading skills and boosts confidence in children—making them independent learners.

Which curriculum does SplashLearn follow?

SplashLearn follows the Common Core curriculum for all of its learning content.

Is SplashLearn safe for my child?

We give utmost importance to your child's safety and privacy. We do not collect personal information and ensure a child-friendly and ad-free learning experience.

How to get started with SplashLearn?

If you are a parent, you can get started by clicking on the Signup button. If you are a teacher and want to use SplashLearn for your classes, please click on the same Signup button to continue.

Teaching your kids to count with an understanding of the value may take time and effort. Games accelerate this process by giving children an interactive environment and use-cases that they can connect with. Scroll down to explore how online games can help kids develop a better number sense.

Number Recognition Games from SplashLearn bring out the hidden talent of kids in a fun and exciting way. Learning tricky maths becomes easy with these games. And, for a parent, nothing can be more soothing than watching kids practice maths on their own. Since these games are self-explanatory and fun, kids engross themselves in activity, and their educational needs get fulfilled. Grab a comfy seat, as you will soon explore some best ways to make your kids love mathematics. 

Number sequence tests kids' knowledge of addition and multiplication. This concept is crucial as it helps them identify the pattern in numbers. Interactive and educational games can demystify the jargon associated with number sequence and make learning more exciting for kids. Read on to know more about how these unique number sequence games can be the best way to bring out hidden geniuses.


The idea that kids are uncomfortable with numbers is a myth. A lot depends upon how they are exposed to the world of mathematics. Kids develop number sense gradually and with practice. 

To get a grasp of numbers, they need to visualize them in multiple contexts. When they are able to take the numbers outside their textbooks and apply them in real-life scenarios, their understanding becomes concrete. 

Several times, parents are not as comfortable with number sense and may lack the teaching methods to help their kids develop this skill. This is where gamification can make a considerable difference. SplashLearn has designed interesting online games to help your child develop a natural liking for the subject.

Kids learn faster when they're exposed to an interactive educational platform like SplashLearn. The next sections will give you a glimpse of how online gaming platforms can help your kids acquire a stronger grip on the subject.

Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects your child will ever encounter in life. Maths is all about numbers. The faster kids recognize the numbers, the easier it will be for them to understand mathematics. SplashLearn Number Recognition Games help the kids learn numbers in an exciting and fun way. Check the following sections to know more.

Number pattern or sequence refers to a series of numbers that kids can identify by skip counting. For example, 0, 5, 10. 15, 20, ?. The ? will be replaced by 25 since this number sequence is multiples of 5. Hence, kids can either add 5 to 20 or multiply 5 with 5 to find the result. Kids face considerable challenges when they practice this on paper. And, as a parent, you may find it tough to bring kids back to the study table.

However, fun and interactive games online can encourage them to learn by themselves. Let's look at a few fun ways to teach number sequence through games.

How Games Help Children Develop A Better Number Sense?

Number sense is a concept that some parents can find challenging to define. It is absolutely normal as teaching has evolved over the years. In today's time, children are exposed to a variety of concepts and activities for more clarity. 

Number sense can include the following:

  • Knowing the relationship between the number and the quantity.
  • Understanding the concept of more or less, and larger than and smaller than.
  • Understanding the order of numbers in a list and identifying if there are any missing numbers.
  • Understanding symbols and number vocabulary.

SplashLearn has designed intuitive and enjoyable online games to help kids develop a strong number sense. The Cat Out game requires a child to trace patterns to unlock doors for the cat's entry.

The Treehouse Party game teaches counting and comparing objects. Hoppy's List is another fun game that teaches addition, subtraction and subitizing in a fun way. Oolzoos and Snails is the perfect way to learn to compose & decompose numbers to develop a stronger number sense. Dial Shooter, Elevate, and Into The Cave are yet other games to help your kids get familiar with basic math operations to hone their number sense.

Fun Games with Numbers! 

SplashLearn's interactive and educational Number Recognition Games encourage your kids to learn mathematics and improve their grades. The following are some unique ways to make learning fun:

Click Pictures & Match - Let your kids click pictures of various objects like monkeys, pigs, etc., in a photo farm. The visual images are attractive and funny. After clicking the pictures, they count the number of objects in each image and match the number with its corresponding written number. This is an excellent educational and fun game for recognising numbers. 

Match The Number Cards - Match The Number Cards is a unique game that hooks your child's attention through vivid imagery. As the character in the game throws a number card, kids need to match it with the displayed number. They can proceed to the next step only after matching the correct number.
Besides these games, kids can also play games like Spot The Numbers and Identify The Number Cards to sharpen their mathematical skills in a fun way. 

Make Learning Number Sequence Fun

The following games can be excellent to teach kids number sequence in a fun way:

Extend Number Patterns (Rule-based) - 4th Grader kids find this game pretty exciting. In this fun game, a rule is given in advance. For example, if the rule is 'Add 3' and the number sequence starts from 2, they have to identify all numbers that come after 2. Every time they give the correct answer, they win a game coin. This game involves basic arithmetic rules so that they become fluent with mathematical operations.

Extend Number Patterns (No Rule Mentioned) - This game tests whatever they learned in the previous game. In this, they see a number line and four options with different rules. They need to identify the rule that best describes the sequence. 

Playing these games can undoubtedly boost kids' arithmetic prowess, but they may face some challenges while learning number sequences. Let's find ways to deal with it as a parent. 

Overcome your kids’ Challenges via Games on Number Recognition and Number Sequence

While it is true that Number Recognition Games are attractive and straightforward, kids may feel overwhelmed by the vivid imagery. They may also confuse numbers like 6 and 9, 2 and 5, 1 and 7, etc. Another challenge they may face is retaining the numbers in their memory. 

The best way you can help kids overcome these challenges is by supporting them as they perform fun tasks. Encourage them as much as you can, as a bit of encouragement can make them stay focused. 

Another technique that may help them remember the numbers is through repetition. Since SplashLearn allows you unlimited access to these games, you can make them play frequently. Remember, the more they practice, the better they remember. 

Kids may face several challenges while learning number sequences. They may fail to spot the relationship between numbers initially. Subtraction may pose an even greater challenge. For example, they may find the 'Add 3' rule better than the 'Subtract 3' rule since subtractions start from a bigger number. 

In Conclusion

Mathematics can be enjoyable for children when teachers and parents give them fun activities to explore numbers and their relationships. SplashLearn's games are curriculum-aligned and ensure kids develop a better understanding of the skills they learn at school. 

Recognizing numbers is a crucial mathematical skill that kids learn at an early stage. If your child has been struggling to grasp the concept of numbers, allow them to play SplashLearn's interactive online Number Recognition Games. These games enrich their knowledge in a fun and exciting way. 

SplashLearn's interactive number sequence games are an exciting and fun way to encourage your kids. Every time they practice this, they test their knowledge about basic arithmetic and learn something new. 


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