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Phonics Games For 1st Graders

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Phonics Games For 1st Graders

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Phonics Games For 1st Graders
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It’s been really awesome to see how engaged my son has been in learning while also having healthy screentime. The learning games are bite-sized so it makes it easy to customize how much time he spends on SplashLearn.

Brandon Wong

Parent of Kindergartener

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Every day she picks what she wants to learn, and to her, it feels like playing games! The best part is that they email you progress reports to understand how they are doing and where they need help. I absolutely love this program!

Janessa Marcos

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All my kids love it!

It’s such a fun way to get kids excited about learning. The cool thing is that you can add multiple kids and keep a track of their progress through the parent app.

April Bayot

Parent of 1st, 3rd and 4th Grader

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program that uses games and activities to engage kids in grades PreK- 5.

Why should I choose SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides the perfect balance of fun and learning that builds math and reading skills in children. Over 40 million kids globally love SplashLearn.

What grades are covered by SplashLearn?

SplashLearn offers a curriculum-aligned and personalized learning experience for kids in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Which Subjects do SplashLearn cover?

SplashLearn covers PreK to Grade 5 Math and Reading with 4,000+ learning games and educational activities.

What devices are compatible with SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is compatible with desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

What skills will my child learn from SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides an out-of-the-box learning experience that builds math and reading skills and boosts confidence in children—making them independent learners.

Which curriculum does SplashLearn follow?

SplashLearn follows the Common Core curriculum for all of its learning content.

Is SplashLearn safe for my child?

We give utmost importance to your child's safety and privacy. We do not collect personal information and ensure a child-friendly and ad-free learning experience.

How to get started with SplashLearn?

If you are a parent, you can get started by clicking on the Signup button. If you are a teacher and want to use SplashLearn for your classes, please click on the same Signup button to continue.

Encourage Independent Learning with Interactive Phonics Website for kids

Phonics is taught to preschoolers and kindergarteners at a young age to help them decode sounds from letters. This helps them subsequently to start reading and recognizing unfamiliar words. 

Recognizing sounds and words are essential for children as most of the things they read, even as they grow older, are unfamiliar. Phonics thus go a long way into building a foundational construct towards a child’s reading, writing, and speaking abilities. 

While flashcards and books are excellent to help children learn words, they still form part of unfamiliar territory. SplashLearn has come up with a unique set of educational phonics games that help kids understand phonics in an engaging and interactive way. 

Somewhere between pre-K and grade 2 are the ages where children pick up phonics. These four years are crucial to draw attention to words and letters and pick up the sounds based on which they are formed. 

Phonics ultimately help children to:

  • Master the art of identifying alphabets.
  • Stringing alphabets together to form words.
  • Spell, read, and write.
  • Understand sounds and make verbal speech.

Make Learning Phonics Interesting for Kids

SplashLearn’s interactive phonics games combine learning with fun. Parents and teachers often look for exciting and engaging ways to enable kids to learn phonemes to improve their reading and spelling fluency. Since the English language contains 44 phonemes derived out of 26 letters, many letters have different sounds. 

The idea behind SplashLearn’s phonics games is to bridge the gap between academic struggle and children. These games are interactive, engaging, and digitally vibrant and help children easily segment sounds to identify words.  

These phonics games start right at the basics, teaching kids how to read, write and identify letters through sound, and take them through spelling words. There are games where children can learn how to identify letters through sound, practice alphabets, spell small and bigger words, and practice word matching based on phonic sounds. 

 Teachers and parents are often encouraged to weave writing exercises with phonics - SplashLearn also accommodates this practice. There are games where kids can make words based on sounds and alphabets.  

What Are the Main Objectives Behind Online Phonics Games?

  • Listening skills: Children need to understand how to listen to differently sounding words and then filter these. To do this, it's best to play games that enhance their listening skills and allow them to recognize alphabets and words from sounds. This enables children to develop a good sense of aural comprehension. 
  • Sound reproduction: SplashLearn’s phonics activities help children understand how to reproduce sounds by listening to them. The games encourage children to pay attention to the various sounds and then model them. 
  • Sequencing: In a word, there are several sounds that come one after the other, and children need to be able to recognize them. Kids are focused on learning how to read and identify phonics. Recognizing them through sound is a huge aspect of learning too, which isn’t left out. These games help children listen to and speak phonic sounds to embed these into their learning abilities.  

Phonics can be tricky - for example, alphabets like ‘c’ sound like it is spelled as ‘see.’ These can be difficult for young children to pick up if they don’t have access to the right resources. 

Not picking up phonics could, in turn, hamper their growth and development in terms of reading and writing skills. Choose from over 300 games on SplashLearn to help your child pick up phonic skills and learn the sound of the English language. 

Features of Interruption Free Phonics Games for Kids

  • Play on multiple devices: You can play games online on multiple devices.
  • Engaging and rewarding games: Children can purchase assets for their characters and more through the coins they win through practice.
  • Easy Connect for Parents: Parents can be instantly notified about their child’s progress.
  • Parental Connect: Parents can get instant notifications of their child’s progress and skill completion through app and website.

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