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With Live Classes, summer-themed games and worksheets, there’s something for all moods and needs of your child. Check out the videos below to see all the fun in action! 👇

Live Classes

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Over 40 million learners and their parents already love us!

Makes screen time meaningful

As a parent and a former educator, I would say that it’s the perfect blend of making screen time useful and applying math skills from school. It’s fun and allows her to continue to grow at her own pace.

Candice Thomas

Parent of Kindergartener

Progress reports keep me updated

Every day she picks what she wants to learn, and to her, it feels like playing games! The best part is that they email you progress reports to understand how they are doing and where they need help. I absolutely love this program!

Janessa Marcos

Parent of 1st Grader

All my kids love it!

It’s such a fun way to get kids excited about learning. The cool thing is that you can add multiple kids and keep a track of their progress through the parent app.

April Bayot

Parent of 1st, 3rd and 4th Grader

Get 40% off + 7 days free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashSummer?

SplashSummer is a learning experience designed to make summer learning fun and engaging for children. It offers a wide range of Live Classes, games, books, and worksheets to enhance their skills and knowledge.

How do Live Classes work?

Live Classes are interactive virtual sessions conducted by experienced teachers. Classes are scheduled every Mon-Thu and cover a wide variety of topics across Math and Reading.

Are the Live Classes recorded?

Yes, all Live Classes are recorded and made available for playback. This allows children to revisit the classes at their convenience or catch up on any missed sessions.

What will my child learn?

Your child will pick up unique life skills and be introduced to topics beyond their curriculum. The Live Classes will continue beyond the summer months so your child can seamlessly transition to the school year with a strong start.

Who will teach my child?

All Live Classes are conducted by experienced teachers who are enthusiastic, creative, and skilled in making learning enjoyable through interactive activities, engaging discussions, and exciting challenges, ensuring your child has a blast while learning during our Live Classes this summer!

How much do I pay?

SplashSummer is an exclusive learning experience for summer break that is part of the SplashLearn Premium Live subscription. That is, you don’t have to pay anything extra to access any summer-specific content. The best part, your child can continue their learning journey beyond the summer months too.

How can Live Classes benefit my child?

Live Classes provide an opportunity for your child to reinforce important math skills, learn advanced concepts, understand real-world applications, and engage in interactive learning experiences that are both educational and enjoyable.

How often are Live Classes held during the summer?

Live Classes are held four days a week (Monday to Thursday) at 4:30 pm as part of the SplashSummer subscription, providing a consistent and structured learning schedule for your child during the summer months.

Can my child access Live Classes from anywhere?

Yes, Live Classes are virtual and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, providing convenience and flexibility for families during the summer break.

How can my child benefit from SplashSummer beyond Live Classes?

In addition to Live Classes, SplashSummer also offers daily quizzes, personalized games, and multiplayer games that provide ongoing learning opportunities, allowing your child to continue learning and practicing skills even beyond the summer months.

Is SplashSummer suitable for all grade levels?

Yes, SplashSummer is designed for PreK to Grade 5, offering age-appropriate content and activities to cater to the learning needs of children across different grade levels.

What makes SplashSummer unique compared to other summer learning programs?

SplashSummer stands out with its combination of Live Classes, engaging content, real-world relevance, professional instruction, flexibility, and year-round access to our flagship learning program and Live Classes, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for children during the summer and beyond.

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