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Learning Games for preschoolers

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Number Sequence, Recognition & Tracing

Practice, learn, and revise number sequences up to 20. Identify and match the numbers within 20. Trace the numbers up to 20.


Count up to 10 objects in linear arrangements, rectangular arrays, and non-linear arrangements. Practice number representations within 10. 

Sorting & Comparing

Sort objects based on color and type. Compare lengths and heights using terms like longer, shorter and equal. Compare groups of objects: more, less, or equal.


Understand shapes, identify two-dimensional shapes, and learn to sort shapes.

Addition & Subtraction

Understand the concept of addition and subtraction. Model addition and subtraction situations. Learn to add and subtract within 10.

Letter Names & Sounds

Learn letter names and their sounds. Learn the common words beginning with letters A-Z. Identify and match lowercase and uppercase letters.

Letter Sequence & Tracing

Understand letter sequence to create a word. Practice alphabetical order with ABC songs. Practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters to begin writing.

Sight Words

Practice, learn and revise common sight words to read faster.

Read Aloud

Practice reading simple words with read-aloud books. 

Encourage your child to learn from a variety of fun exercises.

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Learning Games for preschoolers

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I tried out this app for my daughters and they love it! This app does present math in a fun & engaging manner which they love!

EJ Payne

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It’s been really awesome to see how engaged my son has been in learning while also having healthy screentime. The learning games are bite-sized so it makes it easy to customize how much time he spends on SplashLearn.

Brandon Wong

Parent of Kindergartener

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is an award-winning learning program that uses games and activities to engage kids in grades PreK- 5.

Why should I choose SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides the perfect balance of fun and learning that builds math and reading skills in children. Over 40 million kids globally love SplashLearn.

What grades are covered by SplashLearn?

SplashLearn offers a curriculum-aligned and personalized learning experience for kids in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Which Subjects do SplashLearn cover?

SplashLearn covers PreK to Grade 5 Math and Reading with 4,000+ learning games and educational activities.

What devices are compatible with SplashLearn?

SplashLearn is compatible with desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

What skills will my child learn from SplashLearn?

SplashLearn provides an out-of-the-box learning experience that builds math and reading skills and boosts confidence in children—making them independent learners.

Which curriculum does SplashLearn follow?

SplashLearn follows the Common Core curriculum for all of its learning content.

Is SplashLearn safe for my child?

We give utmost importance to your child's safety and privacy. We do not collect personal information and ensure a child-friendly and ad-free learning experience.

How to get started with SplashLearn?

If you are a parent, you can get started by clicking on the Signup button. If you are a teacher and want to use SplashLearn for your classes, please click on the same Signup button to continue.

How are educational games for preschoolers useful?

Games can be a fun way to introduce a topic to these young learners without making it seem too serious. Since games can be pretty interactive and visually appealing, they have their own way of making a mark on young brains. Games help children track different elements of different topics and retain them for further exploration.

Do preschool math games and ELA games help in developing language and math skills?

Yes! Online games can be extremely helpful to build ELA and math skills in preschoolers. Games require logical thinking and abilities as well as verbal skills in order to play. Games focused on topics such as identifying and recognising numbers, singing number songs, matching numbers, tracing small and big letters, learning about sight words, identifying objects by color, etc. can aid in math and ELA learning. Children are able to pick up the required skills with ease and interest.

Are preschool math games and ELA games easy to understand and play?

Yes! Online games are very interactive and easy to play. They appeal to the sensibilities of little ones by encouraging them to explore and learn. Sorting, finding and matching shapes, numbers and letters can become really fun through games.

How can I make teaching preschoolers fun?

Games are a wonderful way to teach preschoolers. Whether it’s tracing numbers and letters or counting the dots and shapes, games help to keep preschool educational learning light, fun and breezy!

Preschool Educational Games Online

In preschool and kindergarten, the children learn the basics of the English language, such as letters from A to Z, simple word formation using these alphabets, and the difference between vowels and consonants. ELA games like reading games, writing games, phonics games, letter tracing games, etc. not only make learning easy but they are the perfect tools your preschooler needs to begin his or her journey.

Preschoolers also learn about basic math concepts like numbers and number names from one to hundred, addition and subtraction of small numbers, and counting numbers. Games like number sense games, addition games, subtraction games, geometry games and measurement games can improve the quality of your child’s math learning.

Effective and impactful teaching methods form a strong foundation for young kids. Interactive preschool games online offer unique learning methods and are ideal for early childhood education. Learning techniques that use colorful visuals and characters aid kids' capacities to grasp instructions easily and to retain concepts.

Benefits of Games for Preschoolers Online

  • Educational and learning games for preschoolers online provide a great way to practice basic math and english concepts with your children. Pre-K games enhance the learning process and make it dynamic, engaging, and enjoyable for the learners.
  • You can observe students of all types, like visual learners, audio learners, etc. embracing learning and fun with these games. Preschoolers can use math and word games to learn the basics of numbers and alphabets.
  • Children can also repeat the same level in an online game several times to acquire proficiency. Parents can also track children's progress on dashboards by looking at the levels they have completed and the areas where they need improvement. ELA learning games and pre-k math games are an effective way to teach students since they are able to successfully engage the numerous senses of a child.

Features of Preschool Learning Games

  • Play on multiple devices: You can play educational games for preschoolers on multiple devices like; iPad, laptop, phones, etc.
  • Engaging and rewarding games: Assets for characters and more can be purchased through the coins won in the games.
  • Easy Connect for Parents: Parents can get instant notifications about their child's progress.


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